Sunday, March 29, 2009

Team Spring

My cuz, I, and her foster black lab Quentin headed out to Hacklebarney on Saturday for some hiking. Quentin is my cousin's mom's boyfriend's dog. Since Quentin's owner is away on business so often, my cousin and her hubby are taking care of him. Quentin is the endless welcome wagon to any person or animal and will happily jump in any person's car or join a new family. We met a couple awesome dogs and their owners on our hike, which happily joined into a friendly dog run-about. The scenery was nice and it was a hike where most trail signs were ignored. By the end of the day though we were wondering where we were in Hacklebarney. We tentatively followed a "parking area this way" sign, but I was beginning to think we may be headed to a parking area on the other side of the park. But we lucked out and we didn't have to double back.

Following our hike, we were all in need for some refreshments. I had a farm in mind but it was sadly closed. So we headed to another local farm, where they have farm animals out and about as well. We were greeted by a large loose goat. I was imaging the goat head butting Quentin, but the goat was only interested in food. We let Quentin meet most of the farm animals. The kids were so cute.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness

Work has went from almost nothing to insanely busy in a span of about a week. Spring has sprung and field work has been kicked off. Hawk, owl, salamander, and frog surveys are up and running. The crush of this new work has led to some office usual. There's been way too many chefs in the kitchen syndrome where everyone has an opinion about everything. I'm so done with the office drama that my operating mode is mind my own business and let the others shoot themselves in their own feet.

Good posts should follow now that I'm back out and about. Here's a spotted salamander my co-worker found while we were out at a site. All I found was some sort of old hooked axe in the woods. I'll be sure to take a pic since it's sitting in my basement.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I hear you Stains!

I am slowly recovering from the plague that hit the office. I have occasional congestion and the cough has lingered. To compound the recovery, one of the trees that I think I'm to is starting to bloom. But on nice days like this, I have been out and about outside. Today I took my first bike ride of the year. It was nice to combine a workout and being outside. I'm trying to work off the winter weight. Of course that means any sort of no-no food is an instant temptation. So I've become a bit like Stains the dog as seen here.