Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Neverending Xmas tree

Update: The tree came down on January 31. I could have held out at least another week or so. Needles were still not really shedding unless manhandled. But all is down and the tree is now secret wildlife habitat.

Many years back I had a Christmas tree that I swear lasted until nearly Mardi Gras. The needles just wouldn't drop and it finally turned yellow. It found a new home in the woods behind my parent's place. I think it held its needles for a year. Looks like I have another contender. It has barely shed any needles and continues to drink an ample amount of water everyday. I enjoy having a tree with its lights and ambience. If I could I would have a decorated tree year-round indoors. So if don't be surprised if come February the tree is still around.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mixed bag

Work has ramped up after the holidays. I've even managed to do some field work in between the winter weather. Winter field work isn't as bad as summer field work. It just takes a lot more preparation and clothing. Moving around and writing takes significantly longer. The good news is that the multiple layers of clothing makes any thorns a non-issue.
Here's some scenes of my latest outdoor adventures. Not pictured is the large amount of feral cats at this site. The cats seemed to relatively happy considering the situation and the cold temps. The site was next to a senior center so I'm sure they are getting their bellies full from the blue hairs living in it.

After the latest snow, I ventured out to check out turtle mecca. It suprised me that it still smelled like a swamp. Gotta love that swamp gas. Santa gave me a kick ass mammal tracks book and I'd like to learn how to track critters. Unfort I couldn't make out any real details on these tracks. Better luck next time.