Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hazelnut 2's big day

At the beginning of the month, Hazelnut 2 was granted freedom. Of all my turtlets and all things being equal, I think Hazelnut 2 has the best shot of survival. Hazelnut 2 has got spunk and loves and loves to eat. The top pic is it after it's release. I wasn't there at the release, but I'm told after the initial shock of being free, it started chowing down on plants and duckweed. It then found an underwater sunny spot and started to bask once again in real sunlight. The night before Hazelnut 2 was part of a show and tell for children. Mind you when I first got it, it repeatedly tried to bite me so I was worried about hearing this. But I guess after the months of me handling it, it figured out not to bite the hand that feeds you. It even got a couple showers with a brush under the kitchen tap once it started getting brown and slimy. But considering the hot and dry summer we had, Hazelnut 2 had the best life getting big and fat indoors. Here I am saying my goodbye to the little champ.
Here's Hazelnut 2 when I first got it.