Sunday, April 25, 2010

More visitors

The camera has been put back up, but I'm not the one who's been checking it. Work has been way to busy and it's really a one person job since you swap out the spent battery with a freshly charged battery. It had been put up in late fall when my coworker discovered it on the ground and all the metal hook of the bungee cords all stretched out. Unfortunately no pictures or videos had been taken of this attack, but it clearly was the work of a bear. Maybe it was this bear in the top photo. I'm told that after this bear photo, a blurry bear snuffle pic was taken.
In the meantime, turtle season is in full swing. So far I've had a banner year of catching spotted turtles. I think I have like 13 spotted turtles. I'll be back out this weekend if the weather holds.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Babe central

I unearthed these youngsters underneath a rotten log. You got two red efts and one leadback salamander (which is just a color variant of the usual redback salamander). The red efts are the pre-teen stage of the red-spotted newts. These youngsters roam around in search of new ponds and you often see them after a rain. This week we found a couple on the surface of a pond just floating by, which was quite strange. Often these reach adult, they become olive in color and totally aquatic. I wonder if the remember the good ole days of roaming around on land.