Monday, September 15, 2008

Something I don't need

My Rav4 needs new tires. I've been doing my crazy research to pick the best tires ever. Since the Rav4 is not a real off-road SUV, the tire makers try to pigeonhole me into buying regular car tires. I want something that can handle some off-road, does well on highway, and is great in the snow. In other words, I want it all. I've narrowed the choices down and in my research I stumbled upon an aromatic tire!
"KUMHO Tire USA, announces the introduction of the world’s first fragrance automotive tire, the ECSTA DX. The project is the “fruition” of more than a year’s worth of research and development to deliver an alluring aroma tire that replaces the normal “black rubber” smell with heat-resistant oils in the scent of lavender, and in later versions, neroli (orange) or jasmine.
The tire is targeted at female consumers who drive such sedans as the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Subaru Outback, Chrysler Sebring and Ford Taurus."
I hate hate hate female targeted marketing. Why not make them in pink and lavender colors? Besides who cares if their tires are lavender scented. I certainly don't get out of my car to smell my tires....ever unless there's some sort of problem. Let me be the first to pose new aromatic aromatic cell phone or aromatic pets. I'm thinking white house cats could be vanilla scented and black cats of course chocolate or black licorice. Then calico cats would be of course neopolitan scented with vanilla, strawberry, and choco scents.


Hooligan said...

Aromatic Pets in what scent, cause your soon to be step son can really smell up a place sometimes. He is black & white, maybe he carries the polecat genome.

Colleen said...

I was going to say, I have a pretty aromatic pet down here...or rather now an aromatic house.

Lioux said...


Now I totally want pink, lavenfer scented tires.

For real.

And wait. What does the rubber smell like If you're doing burnouts or your tires skid to the point there's smoke?!

suntawrites said...

I thought your Rav4 was a new car? That stinks that you have to buy tires already!!
Okay, so I like the idea of a white cat being vanilla-ey.
What would my two orange cats be? Would they smell like oranges?
That sounds kinda cool to me!

Kartek said...

Darker orange tabbies would be orange marmalade and the lighter orange tabbies would be creamsicle of course.

My Rav4 is from 2005. I got it gently used in 2006 once I realized that they were redesigning them to be beasts. I have 46K on the original tires so they are due for new ones.

Jules said...

NO WAY. Are you serious??? OMG I can't believe this is real.