Monday, November 17, 2008

A rainy vaca

I just got back from another relaxaton in Vermont. It much needed as usual. Unfortunately, it pretty much rained the entire time. There were a few hours of non rain here and there but we only saw the sun once for about 5 minutes. That severely limited any sort of outdoor activities. There were more obstacles for horseback riding so I dragged my riding boots up again for no reason. Another snafu was we had no heat the first night. It was a cold night as well. When we pulled up at 1 am, there was already frost everywhere. It was not a good night for sleeping. I woke up early and started a fire in the wood burning stove and a few hours later the heat guy came and fixed it in a snap.
In the few moments of non-rain, we hiked up to the waterfalls and enjoyed the pleasant outdoors. I snapped these few shots there.

In the distance, you can see the mountain is covered in clouds and mist.
The dogs spent most of their time relaxing or playing. Two dog toys were sacrificed this weekend. They all sat down and curled up like this. It was too cute not to take a shot of the dog triangle.


Jules said...

Wait. You have three dogs????

I am learning new things about you all of the time. First a bf, now three dogs?

Hooligan said...

Your getting pretty good a blurry water shots!

Kartek said...

Nope. The dogs aren't mine. They are my friend's hounds. I'm just an auntie.

Colleen said...

LOVE the dog pic, I already saw it on your flickr. (Not stalking you)

suntawrites said...

Your photographs are stunning, always. What kind of camera do you use?
I love Vermont!

Kartek said...

I have an old point and shoot. It's a canon sd10 powershot. i also sometimes use my work camera but that's only slighty newer.