Sunday, May 31, 2009


There's only a couple more weeks of turtling. I spent a good chunk of sunday out and about. I found two super rare turtles, so that always makes it a good turtling day. The feisty one, pictured here, shows why it's hard to take notes, measure the turtle, and hold the turtle. Note the claws of the back legs digging into my fingers and the "ehn!" expression.

Here's an abandoned church that I often pass while turtling. It has a graveyard, which I'm sure is just as interesting. One day I'll have to come back to further investigate. Check out the large boulder blocking the basement entrance.
The dame's rocket is in full bloom. I always love watching the cycle of wildflowers and shrubs that go throughout the seasons. What I don't love is the cycle of annoying bugs. Today my head was constantly being orbited by some blackflies.


suntawrites said...

Ick! Can't stand black flies. What an amazing photo of that turtle. Awesome. Yes, definitely must investigate that church's graveyard... looking forward to that post!! :) Have a great week.

Colleen said...

Cool turtle shot! I'd like to investigate that church w/you.

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