Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cabin #3

I just got back from my jam-packed Cali vacation/ Cokane's wedding. The first day I flew from NJ to San Fran. It was a 6 hour continuosly turbulent flight that would be immediately followed by a 3.5 hour drive to Tahoe. I already knew I'd miss the wedding rehearsal, but I was hopeful that I could make the rehearsal dinner. I left the airport a little before 4 pm. Unfortunately it was mostly a 10 mph crawl along Route 80 to Fairfield. Bay area folks, is this normal??? At that point, hours had passed and I decided to venture into the hills of Napa to get to my pitstop at Davis. It was pretty much all twists and turns along hills alternating from being blinded by the sun to dark woods. Gorgeous scenery that I really couldn't enjoy. I get to Davis at 8 pm and after that there was no traffic. My 3.5 hour drive turned into 6+ hours. I was dead tired and my eyes were bloodshot when I stumbled into Tahoe. Even in my tired delirium, I did enjoy the scent of pines and hearing the wind blow through them.

The next morning I headed to Cal Neva for the wedding. I happily checked into Cabin 3, which is Marilyn Monroe's cabin. For those who didn't have the privilege of seeing my Pepto Bismol pink childhood bedroom, it was usually covered with posters and pictures that changed throughout the years. During junior high, there was a ton of Marilyn posters and pics. Although the posters and pics have come down, I still am a follower. So I was super excited at the prospect of sleeping in a place that she spent time in. Cokane gave me the brief synopsis of the supposed haunts of the cabin. Ghost hunting is another favorite of mine, so it was a double bonus.

After the wedding reception, I scurried back to the cabin. Most everything in the cabin is not original. So that was a downer. The two things I wished had been updated was to make the cabin non-smoking and fix whatever plumbing problems were going on in the bathroom. To say it reeked would be an understatement. Cal Neva folks, here's my wish for Cabin #3. Replace the 1990's country decor with authentic 1950's/60's style decor. You must have pictures somewhere that you can use as a template. Make the cabin non-smoking and fix the plumbing. Fix the deck and put some furniture out there. Put up some of those authentic pictures of the rat pack and the Cal Neva. Then you can really charge a lot for the cabin, but it would worth it.

I quickly realized that my blooshot eyes were likely due to allergies. My nose also was running like a faucet. I went to bed a little after 1 am and was in the not quite asleep phase for awhile. Around 2:30 am, I rolled over onto my belly. Then it felt like the bed was shaking. I flipped back over and tried to sort out what was going on. Then I realized my pulse was going double time. I've had that problem before when I take decongestants, but I hadn't taken any. I also had very little caffeine in my system. I knew there was no way I could sleep with my pulse going so quick, so I watched like an hour of trash tv. The rest of the night was a restless, but unremarkable night. I woke up super early and opened all the windows again and took a mostly unpleasant shower. My eyes were still bloodshot and it felt like there was a weight on my chest. I decided to head out of Tahoe quickly in hopes of feeling better.

By the time I got to the coast, which was a few days later, my eyes were clear and that weight on my chest had been lifted. I am not a doctor and the brief google search didn't pan out any clear info. Whether it was allergies, reaction to the smoke/sewerage scented room, the spiritworld, something else, or a combination of things, I'll never really know what caused my pulse to go crazy.


ned said...

hey karin, the pulse going crazy thing sounds like it could be a heart arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation is the most common). i've got some sort of heart arrhythmia too and my heart will start pounding out of my chest and racing. drop me a line if you want to chat more about it!

Glenna said...

Karin--Glad you stayed in Tahoe but so sorry about the disappointment in the room. We went to CalNeva when we were there too. Hubby is a huge rat pack fan. We didn't stay all night but the casino and restaurant were disappointing. A manager did let us see the showroom which is stil lthe original decor so that was very cool.

About the attack in the middle of the night--with allergies, my guess would be asthma. Everything you said fits. When your airways start shutting down, your heat beats faster to make up for less oxygen and your chest can hurt too, the dizziness, everything. Having a history of allergies and then that room...

Kartek said...

Hi Glenna

That makes total sense! My mom has asthma and I just checked online and the allergen juniper was high in the area. I've had bad reaction to juniper in the past when I lived in Davis, so that seems to make total sense. All I know is that I felt a 100% better once I left the area.

Colleen said...

Although...the restless night and the bed shaking you mention is quite similar to the strange experience the Hubbs and I had on our last night there...Though why would our Honeymoon Suite be haunted as well? I like to think it was the spirit world.