Sunday, July 19, 2009

This week I finally got some real field work. It was a plant survey which means identifying and keying out every plant you see along a route. We started out writing down everything, which was way too much work. After all we were searching for endangered plants so we just wrote down the unusual stuff. By the end of the day we still have some mystery plants, which were not in my field guide. Along the way, I spotted this dramatic Canada lily where the flowers open towards the ground. I am crouching below it to get this shot.
About mid-morning I spotted this giant bug on the back of birdman's vest. It was several inches long and I had never seen such a thing. I snapped this photo and showed it to him. We spent some time taking photos and attempting to extricate it off his vest. It mostly played dead and each touch I was expecting it to leap up and attack. I messaged one of my bosses who knows bugs and he identified it as a eyed elater.

Later we spotted the tiniest froglets I had every seen. I caught one and tried to take a photo but alas everyone came out super blurry. The froglet was about the size of a honeybee to give some perspective. When I grabbed it I held it's back legs in place and thankfully I didn't cause any damage to the little fellow.

Below is one of the mystery plants. It certainly seems easy enough to key out. It just wasn't in the field guide.

The big downer of the day was the constant mosquitos swarms. Nothing was going to stop them and I have the bites on my arms and face to show for. I also found two ground bees and hornets nests. Thankfully I spotted them in time and the occupants were relatively relaxed. I'm sure come next month they won't be so relaxed.

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Colleen said...

Beauty flower shots! Also, that bug with the eye shapes on its back is a creep.