Sunday, August 23, 2009

Real summer

I was briefly back out doing more plant surveys. They were cut short thanks to the heat and other boring reasons. I can't say I was sad to be indoors during our short wave. I could usually handle the morning but by lunch I'd start get loopy. I'd stop caring and I'd be ready for a nap. Here's some more cool fungi about.
This is a ravaged tussock sedge, which is a clumped sedge. Some small critter must have made a nest in it and I can only assume a bear was determined to get at it.

Tomorrow I head into extreme mosquito zone from what my co-workers have said. Hopefully it won't be that bad but I'm already preparing for the worst.

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suntawrites said...

Be careful in the mesquito zone tomorrow...
Excellent information on bats, btw, a friend of mine in NJ e-mailed me to tell me she had great knowledge of bats and already knew about bat houses (I guess I am a little dumb in this area!).
In any case, she did tell me about their death rate in NJ. Incredible.
Thank you so much for your information and great comment regarding the car. Mine's a 1997, so it seems, I will part with mine at the same time you parted with yours...
Many blessings to you!