Sunday, November 15, 2009

My first camera trap

I bought my first camera trap on the company's dime. I had found a potential bobcat den this past week during our big walk about. Bobcats are endangered in NJ so it's important to make sure it's real a bobcat den and not something else. I figured I'd test it out at my parent's place since they have a ton of deer, turkeys, and housecats.
I came back sunday afternoon and 43 photos had been taken. I knew at least a couple were of me setting and removing the camera. Even mourning doves would set the camera off. The only mystery photo is the one above. There's a blurry figure on the ground just to the right of the bird feeder. I think it's probably a raccoon from the size and shape. As you can tell, the housecats are clear as day.

I just hope the camera doesn't get stolen or eaten by a bear. It is along the bear roadway we drove along last week. On Monday, I'll set it up. It seems everyone in my group wants to come along for the setup. I'll be sure to post any good photos...assuming neither of my fears come true.


Small Fry Crafts said...

very cool!! so very police-like of you.

Colleen said...

Awesome! Useful in ghost hunting as well. Might the mystery animal be a possum? I have them on the brain from seeing a really gross nearly hairless skinny small one playing dead, or dead, here recently. (I'm not that sure that's what it was, but that's what I've decided to label it.) Vom!

Kartek said...

I'm pretty sure mystery critter is a raccoon. Seems to be the general consensus at work too.

suntawrites said...

This is so incredible!