Monday, January 25, 2010

A peek at spring

I took a break from the uber cold wintry north and headed to Louisiana to visit Cokane. I was initially greeted by a cold rain and a couple crazed barking dogs. That quickly turned to sunshine, warmth, and breakdancing and bouncing dogs. I also got to enjoy a whole bunch of critters that would considered rare in New Jersey. Nevermind that short sleeve t-shirts were broken out in mid-January.

On the first night, a barred owl was spotted in a tree in a backyard in Baton Rouge. This was shocking to me considering I've always known them as a species that hangs out in big swamps or vast forest. But it seems it's not too surprising. I found this interesting article here.
Cokane and I headed out to the Cypress Island Preserve surrounding Lake Martin. We were determined to see some gators and I was just excited to see some bald cypress swamps and any other critters and plants. No gators were spotted. I suppose they are still hibernating. A couple turtles were spotted basking in this ideal day. Red-shouldered hawks were calling like crazy from all around.
On our various driving ventures, more NJ rare wildlife was spotted. An osprey or two always seemed to be hanging out. We passed a bald eagle's nest on the long and painfully straight drive to New Orleans.


suntawrites said...

The top picture is perfection!
So glad you got to see Colleen. How cool is that!? :)
You're too funny about the RAV4, glad you understand my position, Friend, seriously, my car is a BOAT compared to the Cabrio. At least it feels like it.
I turn around to back-up and it's like "there's a whole lotta car back there" hahahahaa!
That's all it is. Perception. Which, of course is my reality!

Colleen said...

I forgot about the backyard owl. Yeah, those barred owls are super common here, and as you saw, many times super DED at roadside.