Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wolves, foxes, and bobcats oh my!

I went and saw the wolves again this week. This time I went during the week to avoid the flocks of small children. It was mostly a success. Also as compared to last time, most of my photos were in focus. These two wolves in the above pic were doing the typical contest most dogs owners will witness. One kicks up some dirt and marks and then the other nonchalantly, of course, will do the same. Then repeat until completely empty.

Midway through our tour, the wolves took a howl break. Here's a portion of the action. They preempted the howling section of the talk.

After the wolf talk, it was time for the bobcats and foxes. Apparently the one bobcat we saw last time no longer comes out for presentations. The characteristics in house cats that some people don't like is amped up in the wild ones. These bobcats can be demanding divas and when they don't get their way you won't win. I wasn't able to capture the nearly instant transformation from sweet meow to low guttural snarl.

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