Wednesday, February 2, 2011

True winter

This has been one hell of a winter and it's not over. Snowstorm after snowstorm with no thaw or melt in between. My condo's snowbay has been full for weeks and they have become creative on where to put the plowed snow. Parking spots are now taken over by snow or its just dumped in random spots. Right now, we're coming off of a 2 day event. It's been all ice/sleet/freezing rain this round. It's 2 pm and the plows are just getting to my condo.

I've been working from home the past 2 days and I'm READY to get out. I tried to get out yesterday and this morning. Both were failed attempts. I almost made it to work yesterday morning but turned back when I realized that if the roads were that bad in the beginning of the storm, it could only get worse on the evening drive. That and the various accidents I passed or where almost part of. We were driving on the highway and almost everyone was respectful and driving appropriately. I was in the second from the left lane with a car just to the left of me in the far left lane. I was going a smidge faster than the car in the far left lane. Then this white a circa 2000 ford taurus...comes flying up in the left lane and I do mean flying. I lightly tap my brakes to avoid having that car come into my lane. Then I notice that it turn into the median. That was weird. I don't recall seeing an emergency vehicle u-turn area. Then I see it do a full 360 in the snowy median and it's now facing the wrong way. Must have lost control. Plus it's now pelleting frozen rain. Then I see another remains of an accident on the other side of the highway and decide to turn around. I'm eagerly anticipating the aftermath of the white car median excursion on the way back. Except I now see that this car someone has escaped the snowy median and is now on the other side of the highway perpendicular and blocking the 2 right lanes. Cops are blocking traffic before the car. I never got a good look at the driver but seriously what is going on. It has to be three things.....drunk, high, and or just totally clueless.

This morning I was one of the few souls on the road. The driveway and parking lot was covered in at least 1 inch of ice. Water was pouring off the roof. My road was a mess and the roads were not the best. Branches were down and traffic lights were out. I decided that if it was that bad by me, it must be much worse up at the office. So I turned back home once again.
So you say, what else has been going on? Well there's been absolutely no field work in January with no field work in the near future with this deep snow. I've been sick and just now am getting healthy. I've bought a new camera...a digital dslr. It'll be my new project to learn on how to work it. I've taken up sewing and have made almost 2 skirts. I just took down my Christmas tree last weekend and found some sort of weird white fibrous fungus all over the bottom branches....the cause of my illness?? Since I was sick, I didn't use my fireplace for a couple weeks. I store my firewood on the deck in plastic bins. I opened a bin this weekend and found 2 mice living in it. It was a lucy episode trying to get them out. Let's just say one almost climbed on my leg.

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Small Fry Crafts said...

Stay warm and safe! I can't believe how much snow is going on over there. In the beginning I was jello, but now it's like tote out of control. We've def. been spoiled by the warm sun over this way, but eh, I still miss the seasons!!