Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winter projects

This winter I had plenty of time for indoor projects. I have had a sewing machine for a few years now, which was forced upon me from my mother. My mother is an avid crafter and borderline craft/fabric hoarder. She made a bunch of my clothes when I was a child. That went over well with my catty classmates in elementary school. By junior high, we had to take home economics which included sewing. I excelled at the projects like draw-string bag and was usually done a million hours earlier than others. In high school, I would ghetto alter my skirts and pants behind my mother's back. Prior to me obtaining the sewing machine, I made a bunch of things just hand sewing and of course I patched a bunch of my field pants and vests.

I found myself at a fabric store and fancied this teal wool which was on clearance. So I bought myself a yard or so and went about making a mini skirt out of it with my mother's guidance. Unfortunately, the junior high home ec never taught things like different sewing techniques. I'm not good at interpreting pattern directions but once I understand what to do, it's pretty easy. So teal skirt was done and I set about making a black version. The black wool that I coveted was camel and pricey. It went on sale and I bought what I thought was the minimum amount I needed. Of course I had ample left overs of the teal wool, teal lining, black wool, and black lining. It wasn't enough to make anything big, but I figured it's too bad to throw out or get lost in my mother's. I decided to make headbands with the remains and add some random colorful buttons from my mother's ample supplies. I then would have my mother sell them at her craft shows. So here they are. The black ones will have to wait until probably summer. Spring is just too busy for me.

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