Thursday, March 15, 2012

I am iron marsh

If you've spent any time in wetlands, you've probably stumbled upon this orange slime or coating in spots.  In some areas iron-rich groundwater comes to the surface and the iron precipitates out. It also can be associated with acid mine drainage.  Well this area above this large wetlands is likely an old landfill similar to old farm dumping.    I've never seen such a large expanse of this yellow boy or whatever it's called.  But it sure was impressive. 
Also on the site, I made a fantastically creepy find. This doll head lying in the leaf litter and filled with leaf litter and mud. When I picked it up and it's "brains" starting falling out it gave me quite the startle.  I decided it was only right to display it on a tree for all to enjoy. I'm currently using the bottom pic as my computer wallpaper and work and it certainly gets quite the response.  I'm also now being shown photos of other creepy doll finds. I guess that's what I'll be known for at work.

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green energy investments said...

That is truly creepy. You are not going to meet too many women at coffee shops if that id your screen saver!