Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yellowstone - Part Ten - The Scenery!

Near the Petrified Tree
It's been quite awhile since my last post. I had run out of steam with all the Yellowstone posts, but I thought I should finish it up with a few more before I lose my memory.  A good reason for my posts is to preserve the memories.  Aside from the awesome animals, the scenery at Yellowstone is spectacular and majestic.  We didn't have the best weather for photos, but I tried to make do.  I also won't be able to tell what that mountain is in each photo.  The Yellowstone map only provides limited references and there are just too many peaks and hills.
A drive on a snowy morning.
Even while reviewing my photos, during and right after my trip, there are many shots where I couldn't tell you where I this above snowy shot. I couldn't even tell you if I shot that out of the window or if it was at a stop.
Slough Creek
When the sun did peek out, the results were great. I love shots with clouds where sunbeams highlight certain points on the landscape. The above shot is one of my favorite landscape shots from the trip.  The sun really helped amp up the color.

Little America
On our last few hours of the tour, we did a very short hike to a small lake.  It might be "Trout Lake," but I'm not 100% sure. It was in that general vicinity. 
Possible Trout Lake
Most of my landscape shots probably come from the Little America area. The locals have names for all the various unnamed spots on the map. It's pretty cool, but sure is difficult trying to remember them all.

Little America

Near Slough Creek with incoming rain storm.

The one area I wish I spent more time photographing was Gibbon Meadow.  There was a million people there photographing this one lone elk in front of this landscape. I really should have taken a photograph of that mess as well.  So that turned me off and that was right after my stupid bison incident where the car in front of my stopped in the middle of the road, got out, and was took photos of the crossing bison less than 5 feet away from them.  I, of course, yelled at them and followed them for quite a distance. They were also yelled at my a park tour guide in a nearby tour van.  

Gibbon Meadow

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