Friday, February 22, 2008

Finally a snow day!

Finally some actual snow has fallen! It's been almost two years. Last year we got a few sleet/freezing rain days and a few inches of snow this year. I have a big project due today, which had to be driven to Trenton...not by me thankfully. I reasoned that I can't lift the numerous boxes of materials nor was either of my vehicles suitable for a long snowy drive. We had prepared as much as we could yesterday and I reluctantly walked out to my snow covered car this morning. There was about three fluffy inches that I had to brush off and then I started off. By the time I hit the real road, I already saw one car driving erratically with its hazards on. Not a good sign even if it was a real wheel drive car. So after passing this scary car, I pulled over and called work. Do they really need me to help finish up the project or can I work for home today? They said I was not really needed so back home I went. Woohoo. So I've been working from home while catching up on my stories. Funny how some soaps just never change. Patch and Kalya are back on Days of our Lives. I guess once you are on a soap, it's next to impossible to really leave.


Secrets said...

I still had to go to work :(


Anonymous said...

Nice pics! The lady and I both had off today and I managed to snap some pretty snow photos as well. There were various animal tracks all over my snow covered porch this morning. Overall, a crappy winter, but a pleasant surprise this morning. Hope to see you soon!

Ed D.

Colleen said...

OMG that is craziness about Patch and Kayla--same with One Life to Live, I still recognize people on that show and haven't watched since like the late '80s.