Saturday, February 9, 2008

The ridiculousness continues

I have a fireplace and need a place to store some firewood. It's not a tremedous amount, but enough for a few burnings per week. I have about 4 boxes of wood nicely stacked in a corner on the deck near the sliding glass door. I also have a broom and snow shovel on the deck. That's it. Technically, we are not supposed to store anything on the deck. Again, this rule is randomly enforced to the condo board's advantage and we received notice that we are not to store firewood in the garages. That doesn't leave us with many options. Within empty boxes or on top of the boxes, I have a plastic bin that I put cold ashes from the fireplace. I scatter them at my parent's woods when I got restock my 4 boxes with wood. I knew I was playing with fire with the condo board, because they knew of my birdfeeder and my reluctance to remove it.

About a week ago, I recieved a notice in the mail from the "District Manager" of the condo. I had met him at the meeting I had previously attended. He had remarked that I looked "lost" when they were attending to condo business before my discussion. I was not "lost" but rather bored, trying to control my anger, and collecting my thoughts. Grr! Nevermind the fact that I was addressed as Mrs. in the first notice and my named was misspelled in the second notice. Below are the highlights of the latest notice.

"During a routine property inspection, I noticed that you had a few cardboard boxes containing wood. I also noticed a container of bird seed being stored on your deck. There was squirrel activity in and around both the wood box and the seed container which drew my attention to this issue. I would like to thank you for removing the previously installed bird feeder. Unfortunately, the squirrels are still attracted to the area and the seeds. Please remove the seed container from your deck as soon as possible so we may avoid and (sic) wildlife problems in the future."

Hey jerk, when is the last time your eyes were checked? I ask this, because you routinely miss the real problems with the wall lights that are about to fall off, rotten wood in the trim of the buildings, the rotten wood on the walls of my garage, the 2 large squirrel nests within 20 feet of my deck, and the fact that it is not bird seeds in the container, but ashes! Yes, I do scatter bird seed on my deck on the weekends. It's waste free so good luck finding the evidence on monday. But I'm not stupid enough to store it on my deck. I know what lengths all animals will go to in order to get into a container of food. Anyone who has ever had a pet knows this. So I'm guess you never had a pet or you have someone else take care of it I also know that the birdfeeder was up for 5 years and there 2 squirrel nests within close proximity. Plus I scatter seeds on my deck and I have 2 secret feeders in the bushes. So guess what, there's going to be squirrels and birds around. Plus they stash their goodies in the wood boxes, which I routinely dump out.

Becasue there isn't a seed box and there wasn't a timeline or a threat of fine, I am not doing anything different. I still have my list of repairs, but I'm going to wait until March to give it to you. That way my wood boxes will be gone and it'll be "warm" enough for them to do their repairs. That's one of their reasons for delaying repairs. Guess they must be from the equator considering we've had some nearly record breaking warm days.


Colleen said...

So, are you supposed to store your wood with all its potential bugs in your apartment? They're jerks.

Kartek said...

I guess so. Actually I think everyone should just use those nasty wax duralame logs. No thanks.