Sunday, August 10, 2008

Better than tv

I was in my first bridal party late last week. I was maid-of-honor for my cousin's wedding. It was a multi-day event that included headaches all around, a lot of crying, being blinded repeatedly by the sun, stress, and not knowing what in tarnation is going on. Thursday was spent putting the bridesmaid's crafting skills being put to the test. Then there was the rehearsal were I quickly learned that I was going to be blinded by the sun the entire ceremony. Then rehearsal dinner was at a restuarant on the Hudson River. Weather was perfect and it was great people watching. The actual day of the wedding, I knew two things schedule-wise: a) mani/pedis at 9:30 pm (btw for my first ever mani/pedi they cut my toe nails too short and my toes were ouchy) and b) the ceremony was at 6:30 pm. Everything else in between was unknown to me. We grabbed a quick lunch and headed to the hotel. I have to say I was disappointed with the changing room they provided us ladies. It was a meeting room with some chairs, fold up tables, and one mirror. There was no a single spot to hang anything. But we pulled it together and it felt like most of the day was spent just waiting. By the time the ceremony was over, so were my feet. After spending 2 days in the same never previously worn before heels, they were done. Once I got to the reception, my shoes were off until further notice. Here's the view from the rehearsal dinner of the Tappen Zee bridge at dusk.
Some awesome lavender in the gardens of the hotel.
I must getting old or something because the music at the reception was insanely loud. You pretty much had to scream to your neighbor to maintain a conversation. I think every wedding has that table of rowdy ruff boys. Y'know it's the table of single guys who collectively have the mentality of a 5 year old. The centerpieces were a giant martini glass filled with rose buds, water and floating candles. These lads decided to throw some carrots and m&m's in the water in their spare time. They were clearly enjoying the open bar and attention to the fullest. As most know, I'm not a big dancer....and add to this very ouchy feet. Once the dance floor was really hopping, the most rowdy guy made a direct beeline to me and asked my to dance. I shot him down quickly and he went back to his table with his tail between his legs. Another rowdy guy comes over to the table and asks who I shall call CM to dance. CM eagerly accepts and after that first dance they were seen holding hands and then mysteriously disappearing for an extended period of time. They return and he is seen obsessively fixing his hair over and over again. I wonder what might have happened!
Many courses later, another rowdy guy comes over and asks me to dance. I shot this one down again but he thinks persistence will get him victory. No dice! Meanwhile, I've been hanging out with a bunch of couples at my table and one of the guys thought it would extraordinarily funny if I danced with him right after shooting the rowdy ruff guys down. I agreed but I thought the seal would be broken and my standard excuse would no longer work. The whole time I suspect that the bride/groom had bet these rowdy ruff guys to see if they could get me to dance. Well I hope the bride/groom got some money off of that. Next time, I want in on the bet.
In the middle of this pic, is the main rowdy ruff boy in all his glory.

Sorry there will be no pictures of me in said bridesmaid mode. Let's just say it's telling that I rather post pics of me in dirty schlumpy field clothes, sweaty, and with no make-up. But if anyone is looking for a slightly used 100% polyester cornflower blue dress, I have one readily available for free.


Colleen said...

Haha! Loved the pic of the lead rowdy. I also know who CM iiiiiisssss!!!

suntawrites said...

Hey, I was looking forward to seeing you all dolled up in BM gear! What's up with you neglecting your readers?? :) Hehee!

Jules said...

Great shots. I agree with Sunta, I want to see a picture of you, you little heartbreaker!