Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Memories of spring

Field work has pretty much been nonexistent that past month. It makes for some boring times but at least my farmer's tan has had a chance to fade slightly. I finished up the big turtle reports and got it out the door with time to spare on Monday. Hopefully by next week, I'll be pulled back into field work. I'll probably regret saying that once it gets very hot and humid out. So I will leave you with two photos I took at my local wetlands during the fantastic spring excitement. I love it when the winter chill is mostly gone and it's that first few days you can go outside without a coat. I always feel a bit vulnerable and think it's too almost good to be true. Like I'm missing something...like a big coat.

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suntawrites said...

Congrats on completing the report. And happy to hear you are excited to get back in to the field. I will send cool breezes to you in hopes that it won't be too hot or humid while you are back out in the field.
Best wishes!