Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Serenity Now!

This week and most of last week has been devoted to these massive super rare turtle reports for a proposed pipeline in southern Pennsyl-tucky. Don't worry, the pipeline is being scrapped for some reason unbeknownst to me, but they want everything asap. Last week, I was told they were due at the end of next week (end of first real week in August). I had enough time in my mind to do it all myself. I could do the lengthy annotated photolog (126 photos out of like 500+ photos to choose from) which includes a) figuring out what site each photo is from; b) cropping and sprucing up each photo; c) placing photo in photolog; and d)adding a note about each photo. It took me an hour just to crop and spruce up the photos last week. Then there's the 45 11"x17" maps that need to be put together with various dots, labels, lines, etc. It can take up to 20 minutes just to print out one of this maps...even if it's just a test run. Of course, there's the reports which include data that I'm not familiar with since it's not New Jersey. I have to find each zip code and township for each stretch of the pipeline. Thankfully I got two helpers on these reports plus my supervisor so things seem achievable again. I just need to manage the helpers and make sure they keep on track while trying to do my own portion of it. So here's a couple pics that I liked from my endless hours of viewing pics taken by others.

To top things off, on my drive home on tuesday, a piece of gravel hit my windshield. It made a nice silver dollar sized star chip. This morning I see that the star has expanded with two fingers coming out of it to like a foot across. Good times! I knew as soon as the golf sold, all hell would break loose on the Toyota. Lets hope this is it and that it can last until my inspection is up in spring of 2009.


Colleen said...

Just think of all the good times to the Friday zone!

Lioux said...


I can't make the Friday zone.

: (

I did the same thing about my windshield. I had just GOTTEN it fixed when a few weeks later another small stone hit the new windshield which chipped and then slowly cracked all the way down the length of it.

Stupid 287.

I think I waited over a year to fix it...right before I got my car inspected in Feb.


"So here's a couple pics that I liked from my endless hours of viewing pics taken by others."

How come I'm not in any of them?

JDizzle said...

Great pics! Sorry about the work and the windshield. maybe your "helpers" can fix it.

suntawrites said...

Beautiful photographs.
Sorry to hear about the windshield. Hopefully you can just get it repaired and not have to replace the whole thing. Check with your insurance carrier regarding your Comprehensive Coverage. A lot of insurers offer FREE windshield repair - where your deductible would not apply at all. You just have to use an approved glass repair company. :)
Hopefully it will be quick and painless. Most glass companies will come to YOU and repair it wherever your vehicle is parked - so you don't need to take it anywhere at all - they can do it while you are at work...

Jules said...

Geez your job usually sounds awesome but this part of it sounds tedious. I am glad to hear you were given some help!

I love both pics. I also love taking pictures with a winding body of water going through them.