Thursday, July 24, 2008


There's a few things I'm sure about. One of which is that if I wash my car, it will rain the next day even in a drought. I haven't washed my car in like a month and decided it was time on Monday. Cue the thunderstorms and torrential downpours. But the rain brought needed water, especially to the swamp where I released Cashew. I decided to check on it and see if there really were any turtles left there. I figured since it was so dry that all the turtles had migrated to the big pond. Sure enough, no turtles were seen even though the rain helped make it a real swamp again. The sweet pepperbush was blooming and fragrant. It was so pleasant out that even the treefrogs were calling. Here's my first test video from my work camera of the treefrogs calling.

I checked out the big pond and spotted a big snapper lurking amongst the duckweed. There were several more close muskrats calls. But as soon as the camera was out, it jumped into the muck.

One of the nice things about the swamp in the summer is that there are barely any people there. It's just me, the occasional overhead plane, and the sounds of nature. It's real tough to get actual silence least silence from man-made stuff. So it's a nice respite after a long day of work in the office, which has become the norm rather than the rarity. Hopefully some fun field work will come up next week. Although it's looking like it's not going to happen.


suntawrites said...

Your writing is exquisite in this post. Did I spell that correctly? :)
I washed my VW today, actually, and it poured literally 15 minutes after.
Love the video you put in your post, the sound is FANTASTIC.
Hey, my Hubby wants to know if anyone bought your VW & if not, How Much Are You Asking?
Don't ask - does he expect me to go to NJ to get it? LOL!

Kartek said...

Thanks! The VW has not sold yet. I think I'm asking $2500. My dad/bro are taking care of it since I would be too emotional to sell it myself.

suntawrites said...

Of course, I read your newest post to learn my hubby's outta luck - someone beat him to the punch, then. Congratulations! :)

Jules said...

I love that video. Such pretty sounds. I so wish I had your job.