Saturday, July 26, 2008

A note to my future self

I just received word that my VW Golf has sold! In the coming weeks and years, I probably will have a moment or two of regret of selling my VW Golf. So here's my mental reminder of the 99 problems.

1. Remember that new tranny it got back at 99K. Remember how you thought it was just as messed up as the original one and would have a moment of hesitation at like 25 mph. That wasn't fun getting on the highway in a hurry.

2. There's no way to forget about that leaky trunk and all those times of mopping up the nasty water surrounding the spare tire and wringing out the towels that blocked the leak. Plus your dad knew about the leak in 1997 and never told you.

3. Then there's the busted power locks because the trunk leak likely busted the lock motor. No alarm and no power locks. It sure was fun telling everyone to lock their own doors and having everyone stare at you like you are crazy.

4. Manual windows were standard. It was always a game of stubbornness at the gas station when the attendant would try to get you to roll down the passenger side window since the gas cap was on that side. You learned to ignore them, roll down the driver side window, hold CC out that window, and wait.

5. Summer was always a game of chance. Since the hatch lock busted years ago, the only way to open the hatch was to press the button on the console. If it got too hot, then the trunk wouldn't open and you'd have to push down the back seats to get to the hatch. Made field work a lot of fun.
6. Since it was car #2, the garage spot was occupied by the Toy. That meant non-stop vacuuming of the pine needles that fell from the sickly large white pines that lined the parking lot. It was amazing that these needles could be found everywhere!


suntawrites said...

Congratulations on selling your VW. I am shocked that gas attendants wouldn't come to the other window - duh.
The windows in my 97 VW are quite tempermental, too, and work when they want on a whim - weather or other conditions are never a factor - they just work on and off.
So on to your Toy then, and all the joys it will bring to your travels.

Jules said...

Congrats on your sale. I love VWs. I don't think I will ever drive another type of car for the rest of my life!

JDizzle said...

OMG! My 97 Golf's power locks are broken too!!!! But I never had a trunk leak.

Lioux said...

I Loathe, Loathe, Loathe power windows. They are usually the first things to go in any vehicle I've owned.

The thing that most annoys me with my current car is the gas gauge. It seems to jump around a bit and I never rely on it's accuracy.