Monday, July 7, 2008

6 apple cider donuts and a plastic wrapped pecan square

That's what this boxer ate on the sly on my most recent Vermont trip this extended holiday weekend...complete with the plastic wrap. He sauntered into somebody's room, as he usually does, and helped himself to all their food. Last year he visited me in the shower. The doors don't lock and all I heard was a snuffle and then when I got out of the shower, the bathroom door was wide open.
Here he is in a rare tuckered out moment. He usually is romping full speed around the yard with his companion dog the boston terrier, who spending most of the time nipping at his neck or starting fights. She also majorally kicks ass at cards. Check out her poker face!

Here's the black lab on her pond duty. If she had her way, she'd be at the pond all the time walking the perimeter searching for newts and frogs. Thankfully no frogs or newts were sacrified.

Here's some classic VT cows that were too scared to come up to the fence to grab some grass I was dangling for them. There were baby yaks on display at the local farmer's market. They were just wrapping up and it probably was a kids only zone to hang out with them inside the pen. But I think the look on this girl's face summons it up my feelings. She's in the zone with the baby yak and nothing was going to take that yak out of her lap. It's her and the baby yak against the world.

Here's the trio of yaks. The green harness one was getting tired and resting its head on its neighbor as it shut its eyes.The sunsets were great and the stars were amazing. Of course, pictures don't do any justice and have an ancient mini point and shoot doesn't help the cause. The milky way was in view and I even got to see a shooting star.

I could post a zillion more pics since I ended up taking like a 100 pics. It's not the pictures that count but the memories and those are not photographable.


Colleen said...

so jealous! I ALWAYS see shooting stars up there. All you have to do is lay on the deck railing or bench for a few minutes looking up at the super-clear sky and you'll see one.
yaks are really cute. the babies look like lazy slobs.

Lioux said...

I always wanted a boxer named 'Briefs'.

I <3 Vermont. My parents have a lake house up there and It's awesome to watch the night skies...

Let's do dinner soon...

Jules said...

Love the dog pics, the yaks are adorable and I also love what you wrote. Happy that you had such a nice time.

suntawrites said...

These are some fantastic photos!
Great post!