Monday, June 30, 2008

Potential Cashew Sighting

At least a few times a week after work, I stop by the swamp where I let Cashew go. I must have been there like 20 times and have not had any success. I've seen a bunch of cool other things and lately I get to munch on blueberries and huckleberries. BTW, the berries are in full steam. See these berries below there were just out of my reach. Today the swamp looked really really dry. I didn't have too much luck finding much of anything until I spotted a little painted turtle and noticed it's shell was different. Could that be Cashew??? It quickly went under leaving only its head out. I must have had like 2 seconds to see the turtle fully out. It then hung out under water for like 20 minutes. I moved around a bit and called out her name. I was about to give up when I noticed the head was gone. Then I saw it a few more feet farther away. It was swimming on the surface but not fully out. But again, the shell seemed abnormally bumpy....bumpy enough to be Cashew. So I really think it was Cashew and it was only like 20 feet away from the release point. I'm just glad to see that she's adapted to being wild.

I was pretty groggy this morning eating my breakfast in front of the tv when I saw this news story flash on the screen for like 15 seconds. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. A man in Florida saves a black bear from drowning!!! That's what the pictures showed and all I could hear. It's true, but I missed the critical part of the bear being tranquilized and then running into the Gulf of Mexico as it became groggier and groggier. That's a man who loves his work.


Colleen said...

I saw that story online too. Whatta man!

suntawrites said...

I am sure Cashew is enjoying the friends there... You are so sweet to check on 'em.
And, yes, that story about the man & the bear is amazing!