Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No indoor water. No problem

That's what my dad thinks. They tried to install the new water heater today, but the valves that shut off the water wouldn't close all the way. Now the valves are completely shot and only a dribble of cold water comes out. I also thought the water heater was leaking more since the puddle grew by 4 times. But since my dad unplugged the dehumidifier, that made the puddle worse. Dehumidifier is now plugged back in and will be going non-stop. Puddle has shrunk to its original dimension. The plumber has been called to replace the valves, but no appointment has been made. The plumber did say that he should be able to freeze the pipes and avoid having to dig to shut the water off for the entire condo building. I'm sure the condo board would just love that! The outside faucet still works so my dad thinks I'm good to go. Life as normal in his mixed up world where it's perfectedly acceptable to use a leaf blower to "dust" the kitchen. Except that faucet requires a trip around the building, all the garages, through the mud, and crashing through very overgrown landscaped bushes that are also wet with rain. It's not a viable option for obtaining a large amount of water and I wouldn't drink, brush my teeth, or cook with it. I have a pot underneath the bathroom sink collecting as much water as possible. It's taken me a couple hours and I might have like 2 to 3 gallons. Tonight and all work day tomorrow, I'll be running the tap in the bathtub and trying to fill up as much as possible. Hopefully my dad understands that this needs to be dealt with ASAP and sometime next week is not ok. We'll just see about that.


suntawrites said...

OMG - so sorry to hear you are dealing with all of this! Hang in there & keep us posted on how it goes!

JDizzle said...

You should just get a hotel room for a day or so and send the bill to your landlord to pay.

Kartek said...

I own my condo so there's no landlord...just me to blame.