Sunday, June 1, 2008

Independence Day for Cashew

Today was Cashew's big release. I fed her a bunch of extra times the past couple days in preparation. I was accompanied by my mother and it was a perfect day for her first day in big real world. She's come a long way. When I first got her in September, her shell was just barely an inch long. Today, her shell is about 3.3 inches long.
I was hoping to drop her onto this bunched sedge. Unfortunately I missed and she landed upside down in the water! She sat motionless for several minutes. I knew she was in shock but I couldn't get her out since I released her off a boardwalk with an array of barriers on the railing. I had to lay on my belly with my arm extended and she fell about a foot down. She's fallen farther at home onto a hard surface and was perfectly fine. So I knew she wasn't hurt but rather alarmed at what she's fallen into. We were going to look for a branch to push her onto the bunched sedge. By the time we got back, she was gone. We periodically came back to check the area but there was no sign of her. I went home and off turtling for the rare turtles. When I came back I still couldn't find her but most of the turtles were no longer basking since it was so hot out.
I'll go check on her after work this week to see if I can spot her. The area isn't that large and its full of other types of turtles including several just like her. She's come a long way and it's sad that I won't have a critter to take care of. But something tells me that by fall, I may have another baby to foster.

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