Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just what I needed

Sorry no pics for this super exciting post. Last call turtle search was completely fruitless. Just some green frogs twanging away. I then got a call from my boss who needed me to make a quick stop at a site before coming back to the office. I needed to take a couple pics of a wetland/not quite a stream. Well it was mosquito town. Head net was busted out but that didn't stop them from devouring my arms and rest of my body. I had been to this site many times before and this was the first time I noticed the so-called spring bear poop in at least 3 spots. Luckily it looked not so fresh but I call it spring bear poop since it has the consistency of cow pies.

This weekend is choke full of activities and events so I've been running around like crazy. But I still have to check my mouse traps in the basement twice a day and I noticed some water under the water heater. It got bigger today and I could actually see a drop come from the bottom and I felt a small hole in the water heater bottom. I really didn't have time to deal with this so I just cranked up the dehumidifier and hoped for the best. My dad is coming over tomorrow to investigate and potentially look into new water heaters. Luckily I still have all my info from the last incident.


JDizzle said...

Kartek, You have a kick-ass job. Minus the skeeters.

Jules said...

Head net? Really? I think you should post a picture of that! :)

Hope the water heater is okay.

Kartek said...

I'm still scratching my mosquito bites that I got last friday!!!