Thursday, June 12, 2008

Turtle Last Call

Work has not been so exciting on account of the heat wave and the plethora of office time. The heat broke two nights ago and I got to spend the day outside. The day was pretty much uneventful except for this box turtle my coworker found. It's amazing how they can complete shut themselves inside.
This weekend marks the end of the super rare turtle search for this year. Nesting season starts so that's when we have to stay out to avoid disturbing the eggs. Besides it's been so hot and the vegetation is very dense it makes it difficult to search anyway. But I'm motivating most of my co-workers for a final turtle search bright and early tomorrow morning. Everyone is going....even birdman who is not a fan of insanely competitive. Now these two sites we are going to aren't amazing, but we were given access by the state so I feel like we have to really make an effort. That way the state will give us more great sites next year to search. Plus its actually a group bonding experience. Makes you wonder when the most competitive person doesn't want to go.

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suntawrites said...

The box turtle is gorgeous. I am a huge turtle fan...
I am sorry to hear of the heat wave & the ac klunking out on ya'. I hope all gets cooler really soon!