Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday water heater update

The good news is that the plumber came this morning. He was able to freeze the pipes and change out the busted valves. Cold and hot water has been restored. Other good news is that the bill was under $400....I was expecting something around the $1,000 range based on my prior plumbing price-gouging experience. It goes without saying other good news is that the dishwasher is going and I'm fully showered.

The bad news is that the water heater installation people won't be coming back until Monday morning and the leak from the water heater has intensified. It went from one drop every 15 minutes to 2 drops every 30 seconds. This is the scene post mop up and after the dehumidifier going full blast for an hour. I shoved a top of a plastic bin to try to catch most of the water. I've already decided to work from home tomorrow. I really don't have that much work to do and since I have the luxury, I should take advantage of it. Besides, I would be preoccupied with the thought that my basement is flooded if I went into work. I'll be mostly homebound for the weekend to keep flood watch and on mop duty. I may have to shut the water heater off and drain it if things get real bad.

I did find a couple tragi-comic plumbing story that will definitely get a laugh or at a minimum a smile out of you. Here's another story of plumbing story of despair. The morale of these tales is to first locate your main water valves, make sure they work fully, have recommendations of good plumbers, have a plan B, and don't bite off more than you can chew.

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