Monday, June 23, 2008

Hopefully back to our regularly scheduled programming

My water heater literally just got installed like an hour ago. I am still flushing out the air in the pipes and the paranoia will last for at least a day. The basement is still a sloppy mess, but hopefully tomorrow I'll be all settled in and life will be back to normal.

I also discovered that the mice have broken their traps and have eaten all the peanut butter and have been able to escape from each trap. So I'll need to buy some new traps.

I tried to find Cashew again this weekend. I did see a bunch of similar sized painted turtles, but I don't think any of them were her. At least she has some friends and possible love connex. In my haste, I forgot to bring my real camera so I was stuck with the camera phone. I decided to hit the other hot turtle spots in the area since the weather was nice. Actually one spot I usually only see frogs and snakes, but this time I saw a muskrat mom and her baby! They were right by the boardwalk and I guess cleaning themselves. I struggled to get a good shot and I slowly manuevered closer but mom took off. She dove right into the muck and baby followed later and I got a better shot of her. I really can't say that they are particularly cute....kind of like big water rats .


suntawrites said...

Have you tried glue-pads for the mice instead of traps?

JDizzle said...

Awww too cute. My Dad used to trap, skin and eat muskrats. I think he got like $1 a pelt when he sold them to some local fur guy. He still goes to muskrat parties here and there. I have eaten it before but think it's pretty nasty.