Monday, June 2, 2008

Close but no cigar

Super rare turtle quest continues. I went turtling after Cashew's release even though it was getting pretty hot out. I got a pretty rare unexpected turtle within the first 5 minutes of my arrival. She was big and feisty. She was too big for any of my measuring tools and she started flailing about when I tried to measure her. It made it real tough to take notes, take photos, measure her, and hold her. I had nothing of interest after that but I just got more info on the super rare turtles that may be near my place. This weekend I'll head up an expedition which will probably entail crossing a river and filling my boots with water.


Colleen said...

Don't let Dannon see that big 'un! [CRONCH]

For The People said...

Wow, never heard of either one.