Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not a fan of the hemavores

Today we got to do billable rare turtle surveys in combination with volunteer warbler surveys. We hit five sites. Ticks were bad at the first couple sites but it was nothing compared to the last site. Mind you I had sprayed myself with potent deet bugspray a couple times during the day. The last site I must have gotten at least 20 dog ticks on me. A bunch were in my hair even though it was all tucked in my hat. We were done early but I just couldn't stand to go back to the house with a bunch of ticks still on me. I went straight home and I combed my hair out and found another tick inside my shirt. I'm all showered and the clothes are in the wash. I finally can relax and get some work done.

No rare turtles were found. I spotted one large snapping turtle which I named Snappy. No pic of Snappy though. We did spot a luna moth while taking a break in the morning, which was cool. At our third stop which was the most boring of the bunch, a co-worker found this nest of three presumed baby song sparrows. Not so cute yet.


suntawrites said...

Your photos are amazing!
Did you ever hear of wearing light clothing to fend off bugs? I wonder if there is anything else one can do to fend of ticks?
Stay safe & best of luck! ;)

Colleen said...

That luna moth is gorge! Why can't one of those fly into my house? Oh, it probably will soon enough.

Jules said...

Those little sparrows are so cute!!!
Moth is beautiful.