Monday, May 5, 2008

Meet Billy

Turtle season is in full swing. Unfortunately the weather hasn't been too cooperative this past week. A lot of dreary cold drizzly type days. That was the case until Sunday afternoon. Once I woke up and speedily rushed through a couple errands and household chores, I zoomed up to rare turtle country. Of course I totally forgot my real camera, but remembered everything else. Stop one was unfruitful but I had called one of my bosses earlier in the day to find out if the weather was good. She said that if I found a turtle, she'd come by and take some pics. Stop two was a site I had never been too. It was big and dense. See the dead cattails in the background. But then plain as day was a rare turtle sitting on the ground. I still get in full panic OMG mode when I see this rare type of turtle. It's like the world turns the black and I just focus on grabbing it. He saw me but made no attempt to run or hide. By the time my boss arrived, Billy as I named him, was ready to flail about after hiding in his shell for a good 20 minutes. I name my rare turtle finds because trying to remember them by their markings is tough for me. So I have the names to help trigger the memory.
Big thanks to Lioux for fixing my top photo. I had autocorrected the pic and then immediately saved it. The pic had turned a purple tone that I couldn't undo with my low budget technology.
Then since I was muddy and up there, I made on last stop. No rare turtles were found, but I found some unhatched old eggs. Sad.
I encountered a dead snapping turtle. Sad again. But on the same plant that I had found old turtle eggs, I spotted this little one. It was a hatching snapping turtle. So cute and so small. Life continues.


Colleen said...

Aww! Good post. You know how Billy didn't move even though he saw you coming? That's why he's endangered.

Kartek said...

They are partially endangered because of collectors. They are really pretty and cute turtles. In defense of Billy, I did move at mach speed once I spotted him.

Stacey Huston said...

great post! nature has a way of taking care of herself. thanks for sharing!

Lioux said...

Billy shouldn't be such a hero!

And NE time you need photo help, I'm glad you know who to got to!