Wednesday, May 21, 2008


A new leaf has been turned. I am back at out at the site next to the beaver lake. I arrived on time and the day went perfectly. One of our stops was at the alpaca farm portion of the site. Of course, I had to try to lure them over. Here they are before I tried to beckon them over.
"Mom" as I called it came over to check me out. Babies didn't follow.
Since I didn't have food, she quickly turned around. But note all the cute various colored babies who were newly shorn.
The beginning of the day yielded this mossy well in the woods. I can't remember what sort of fairy tale troll is associated with wells, but this certainly would be a good candidate. But alas no troll was inside the well.
Here's another bear scratch mark....but no other signs of them out in the expansive woods.
There were a bunch of awesome story book houses on the site. Here's the one I most covet. You can barely see, but it's a great view of the backyard since the house sits on a hill. If the above one doesn't work out, how about this one below? Alas, it's still out of my budget range.

The only thing I can afford is the fixer upper. That's more like my price range. It comes complete with live in wildlife. I harvested some lily of valley in its backyard. They are now potted and on my deck. I clipped some past prime lilac and changed my mind once I realized that they were infested with bugs. Of course I didn't find this out until they were already in my car. So I have lilac blossoms and mysterious fruit fly sized bugs to keep the ticks company in my car.


suntawrites said...

Hey! Great post & photos!
Alpacas are a big seller in Maine:
My neighbor was interested in buying a few, but as she looked more into it, she feared it was like an MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing Company), and worried she'd get scammed...
Anyhow, they are beautiful!
Thank you for your comment on my recent blog post - I had considered selling my VW so that I wouldn't have the expense of shipping it out to Florida... but after hemming & hawing about it decided against it. Mine is a 97 Cabrio, it has 129K miles, runs like a CHAMP (hence why I decided not to sell it because it is still in great shape!).
Have an awesome night!

Stacey Huston said...

Love that well. Glad no trolls were home.. lol.. wonderful house you are right it is beautiful.. I am not sure that I have ever seen alpacas.. llamas yes, but not alpaca.. thanks for sharing.

Colleen said...

adorable alpaca babies! i love the inquisitive look on mom.
and just be glad the girl from the ring didn't come out of that well.