Sunday, May 18, 2008

Garden Party

I finally went to the Duke Farms indoor garden display. It's closing indefinitely at the end of May for renovations. I had never been before and it was great. Some many amazing and beautiful flowers...nevermind the various smells. Everyone should get a lemon tree since their flowers smell awesome. Each display is from a different country or theme. You have French, Edwardian, Italian, tropical, Indo-Persian, Chinese, Japanese, desert, etc. I'd have to say my favorite was Edwardian but that was based solely on all the amazing orchids. I must have taken like 25 pics alone in that room.
I could seriously have a post for each room since each photo has a story to tell. Here's the French garden. For some reason, it reminds me of the stuff at Neverland. You know those low lying flowers in various shapes.
This is the English garden. There was a secret visitor to the Knot Garden, which was shrubs shaped into a knot...think Celtic knots. Can you spot the squatter?
Here's the Chinese garden complete with koi and a bull frog squatter.

They had a giant sequioa (at least that's what I think it was...either that or a redwood) bonzai. Poor thing!

Here's the Indo-Persian garden complete with citrus and papaya trees. Watch out for the water hazard in the middle of the sidewalk.


Lioux said...

Beautiful photos.

Now I want more plants in my apartment.

Colleen said...

I deffo want to grow lemon and lime trees here. You would love the orchid show in the Bronx... that was amazing.

Jules said...

WOW!!! I love these pictures. Now I want to go to this display too!!!

Kartek said...

I want a lemon tree too..although it'll be rough once it gets too big.

suntawrites said...

Now I wish I went there! What amazing grounds, and your photos are spectacular!
You would adore the lemon-tree-lined streets of the Amalfi coast in Italy... fantastic!

Kartek said...

Italy is definitely on my list to visit anyway. I'll have to go when the lemon trees are blooming.