Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beaver pond finale

We finished up the beaver pond site today. Of course there were a couple minor snafus. I arrived late, of course. My boss came by to check out some areas I was concerned about. I got all the maps out and we were going over them in the back of her truck. She then departed and 15 minutes later I realized that I didn't have my maps. They were still in her trunk! I called her and thankfully she was still in the area and not only were all the maps in her trunk but so were my sunglasses. I'm not sure why she didn't notice when she shut her trunk since they were all layed out. I think this site plays tricks with everyone's minds. It's so beautiful that you get easily distracted and that's when the fun begins.

Above is the house on the site that I'd like to live on. It's right on the giant beaver pond. It's almost like a vacation house it's so remote.

Here's a fun sea of skunk cabbage. It's out in all its glory. This is what most of the day looked like.
Cool root action. It'd make a great little home for some critter.
Here's another awesome stone house on the site. I'm really glad the dogs were in the pic. Too bad the mastif had to be tied up...but he cracked me up with his lazy, slow and low woofs. It's like he can't be bothered to freak out like the other dogs do, but he still wants to participate.
Here's a box turtle I found at the second site we have to do down the road from the beaver pond site. We drove the perimeter and I'm delighted to say there is an alpaca farm on it. You know that hours will be wasted and many pictures will be taken while I play with the alpacas.

In good news, I went outside to fully investigate the loss of the suet feeders. I didn't want to go yesterday since they just sprayed for bugs. I discovered one suet feeder lying on the ground in the thicket of bushes. The suet was completely gone but I suspect that the real culprit here is racoons. I don't know why the condo people would remove the suet, but throw the feeder on the ground in a dense thicket. The other feeder was nowhere to be found. I was suprised because it's difficult to remove the feeder since I loop the hook back around into the wire mesh. I guess racoons are craftier than I expected. So one feeder is back in action and to be safe I made sure it was even more hidden.


Colleen said...

raccoons are extremely crafty. they used to get into our garbage no matter what tactic we tried.
i love that cabin!

Jules said...

That house is beautiful. And I love mastiffs!