Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Turtle Insanity

What's that Calvin Klein old school obsession commercial? It's a fine line between love and obsession. I leave for a few days last week for billable field work and meetings and I get back to complete turtle quest obsession. The guys really love to be super competitive at almost any cost. I don't want to be around when they both spot the same turtle. I don't like to be at the back of the pack with the least amount of found super rare turtles so I get swept up in this tidal wave. Their office work suffers since they take extended lunches for the turtle quest. If they could do that everyday, they would. This includes full days of turtle quests on the weekends. So this weekend I was out both days. I also feel guilty for enjoying time off during the nice parts of the weekends. All things aside, I found two super rare turtles on Sunday. I also found another semi rare turtle which I had never found myself. Saturday was a beautiful day and ideal for turtles but all I found was a snapping turtle. I don't understand why the turtles weren't out.
The most insanely competive guy at the office found four super rare turtles, and three other types of turtles. Here's his adolescent box turtle he found. This girl cracked me up with her half eaten grub on her snout and the rest of the grub between her neck and her skin.
I think the competition may cool down a bit now that the higher ups know what's been happening. I suggested a schedule so that everyone can get a fair shot and not go crazy. But I'm sure I'll be out again this weekend...but I am putting my foot down and won't spend all daylight this extended week on the turtle quest. I am tired and my car is so full of ticks its not even funny.

The cutest find on Sunday was made by the only turtle competitive coworker..aka birdman. It was the first fawn that I saw this season. It was underneath a skunk cabbage and was being shielded from the rain by a cabbage leaf.


suntawrites said...

What beautiful photographs!
I adore turtles!

Stacey Huston said...

Lol turtle obsession.. wish my son could go with you .. he LOVES turltes and we don't have many here.. great shot of the fawn.. they are so sweet and beautiful

JDizzle said...

Soooo cute. I grew up in the swamps of NJ always finding turtles. I loved finding hatching baby turtle nests! And that fawn is so sweet. Isn't it funny how still they are and how close you can get?

Jules said...

OMG that fawn is amazing!