Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Attack rooster?

That was the thought that crossed my mind today while I visited a defunct chicken farm. My boss had been "attacked" by a "chicken," which I presume was actually a rooster and it really wasn't an attack. The rooster chased him around his vehicle and actually went around the other side of the car to cut him off at one point. He had to hold off the bird using his soil auger. I was hoping to avoid this encounter when I saw the rooster who then proceeded to come towards me repeatedly. Then I began to realize that he thinks I'm going to feed him.

Aside from the rooster, there was a bunch of feral cats around. They enjoyed watching me at a safe distance. There's actually two cats hanging out by the garage door that's open a crack. The feral cats and rooster apparently like to hang out. I tried to get as close as possible to the motley bunch but the cats are in mid scamper in this picture.

It goes without saying that there's an "Egg Room." I'm betting the Spelling mansion doesn't have an egg room.

I'm still recovering from my sinus infection. I still sound sick but I can survive without having fistfuls of tissues and cough medicine. I'm waiting for my appetite and energy to come back. It makes it hard to smell the flowers that are out. I found some lily of valley, which I feebly attempted to smell. I love lily of the valley.

In other news, the bird feeder saga continues. Yesterday I couldn't find my secret hidden suet feeders I hung in the rhododendron bushes. I confirmed their absence today since they were pretty well hidden....sometimes I had a hard time spotting them. I'm guessing the evil condo manager has spotted them, since I think it's unlikely the people who came to spray for bugs today would pay any mind to bird feeders. I'm wondering if I'll get be getting another threatening letter in the mail. That's fine. I have my bowl of bird seeds I keep on the deck during the condo manager's off hours....holidays, weekends, and early morning/evening. I may have to add to that a suet feeder. The latest reason for being anti-birdfeeder is that they claim squirrels cause thousands of dollars damage to the buildings....even if the birdfeeders are squirrel proof. They say squirrels will eat the seeds off the ground that the birds drop. The the squirrels gnaw their way into the buildings. The whole situation just plain stinks and is beyond reason.


Lioux said...

I can't believe you've resorted to posting pictures of big cocks on your blog!!!

I'd expect this type of thing from Colleen, but...

What kind of interweb site is this anyway?!?!!!

[Sorry. I couldn't resist. I'm glad you're feeling better!]

Colleen said...

I'll tell you what kind...one big metaphor. There are cocks, pussies... all kinds of dirty, dirty things.

My goodness.

Just tell them no problem with the birdfeeders, all you need is Coop around to chase the squirrels away.

Stacey Huston said...

We raised chickens off and on throughout my life, and yes the Roosters WILL attack.. they get territorial and quite mean at times..

Kartek said...

Foul foul minds colleen and lioux. LOL!

I wish Coop could come throw down on the squirrels but the condo board doesn't allow any dogs and they even get upset when people walk them on our public roads. I have a neighbor who had a guest who had a dog. The dog barked when they all went out to dinner. I personally didn't care and could barely hear it considering it was right next door. The lady who lived diagonally from them (upstairs and above me) had a fit and left a nasty note. She must have supersonic hearing. That's the mentality around here.