Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I just can't win

I was back at the big lake and beavers galore site. It's my third visit and each visit comes with its own mishaps and setbacks. I'm usually remember everything and I'm the person most likely to carry everything that one could possibly need in a day. I'm beginning to think this site has a curse of mishaps.

Day 1 - I grab the wrong pile of maps and data sheets. So all the maps and datasheets I need are sitting at the office. Thankfully, I have an aerial photograph of the site. Of course, the aerial photograph doesn't have the original wetland delineation and it means I'll have to rewalk that portion of the site to take the datasheets later. I initially forget my camera at the car and have to go back for it.

Day 2 - The first day I drove from the office to the site. So taking a different route straight from home, I miss the exit because its number was wrong on the web directions. I take an alternate exit and wrongly believe that it is quicker to fumble my way through the scenic back way rather than turn around and go back to the correct exit. I end up driving in a big circle and run down a squirrel. I'm 15 minutes late meeting my co-worker and surveyor.

Day 3 - Even though I leave 10 minutes early, somehow I'm still 5 minutes late to the site. I try to call my coworker to see where he is, but it goes straight to voice mail. He calls back and we eventually meet up. He is stuck in bad traffic and comes late. We flag a small wetland and then decide to walk the big mountain. I discard my light rain coat since it was warm. We make it up the big mountain and it starts to pour. Neither of us has any rain gear or water resistent gear. It then starts to hail. The rain doesn't stop and we get to the car 30 minutes later. I call the office and find out this rain just formed right over my site. We are drenched and decide to head back to the office. I have a change of heart about 5 minutes down the road. I frantically call my co-worker but he repeatedly doesn't pick up. I get gas and some lunch and head back to the site. I call him again and he's back at the office. I convince him to come back and things are going well. Weather is great and I'm starting to dry up. Then he drops my camera in the water. Thankfully it's my work camera but its game over for it. It's the swamp in the top pic that killed the camera.

Here's a cool shed made of logs and morter.
Here's the last photo before the camera mishap.
Here's what the pictures look like after the drink of water. Nevermind the camera won't zoom. Looks like I'll be rewalking a part of the site for the third time.


Colleen said...

OMG. Hope there aren't any mysterious figures showing up in the broken camera shots now.
I've read/watched too many horror stories.

Jules said...

wow that really sucks. I'm sorry about your work camera! Maybe you should bring a good luck charm with you the next time you go there. :)

Lioux said...

OMG, Colleen!

I was just going to post a very similar comment to that very same effect!

You should TOTALLY do some creepy photography with your now modified camera.

Kartek said...

There is a big smudge type mark on the LCD screen, but there aren't any mysterious figures appearing in the pics. The camera has mostly healed itself but it will not zoom. If you press on the zoom, it just makes all the shots blurry. I did get a newer work camera so I'm psyched to try it out. No luck charms will be brought for the final round. They will just be lost. I may bring some doggie treats to the three dogs that hang out there. Maybe that's my problem.