Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Swamp goats

I was at a sprawling farm in the richy richy area of Jersey. The houses and buildings looked unoccupied so I'm guessing this is another piece of property that's been handed off the to the heirs of the previous occupants. My mission was to approximate the location of the wetlands. I knew that the majority of the property was wetlands but that still didn't make things easier. My back is aching from all the soil borings I had to do. Hopefully I can spring back quickly.
On my way out the long driveway, I noticed some goats next door. Of course, I popped in reverse and attempted to lure the goats over.
Here's the brave on. Although it got freaked out when I would take a photo and the flash would go off. But when I bleated back to it, it came back and bleated back. Poor thing with its horned cut...probably had given too many butts to the farmer.


Colleen said...

That's a great photo with the trees reflecting on the water. Would make a good print or painting or some such.

Kartek said...

Thanks. I guess I get so used to seeing those swamps, I forget to look at my pics with a different eye.

Jules said...

I agree, love that picture! :)