Thursday, April 10, 2008

The turtles are out

It's official...well officially the season to start looking for the super rare turtle happens next week, but the other turtles are definitely out. The fever and unfortunately the competition at the office has begun to find the most turtles. Don't be alarmed. These pics are from last summer. It's just that I forgot my camera during the last field outing and my co-worker didn't feel the need to take any pics of the painted turtles he caught.

Seeing those painted turtles made me feel bad about Cashew. The wild turtles were out having fun and doing their turtle thing. So I set the date for Cashew's independence. It's literally Independence Day or sooner if the food runs out. It'll give me enough time for some more training and for her to grow. Yes. I'm really starting to think Cashew may be a girl. I'm also thinking of releasing Cashew to my favorite turtle pond. I was apprehensive about that because there is a snapping turtle that has a head literally the size of my fist...big enough to eat a little turtle. But I'm hoping Cashew will grow another inch or two before then.
I did get a chance to check out my co-worker's turtlets....and I do mean turtlets. They literally have not grown at all since they hatched September. I felt so I wanted to scoop them up and take them home and feed them. It would so bizarre to have a twin brother/sister that is like 4 times as big as you....or still be the size of a newborn years later. Something is just not right there. If you recall, this was Cashew at the bottom of a paper cup when I first got her as a hatchling.

Now Cashew's got weight and her shell is about 3 inches long....a long way from a nickel sized shell.


Lioux said...


I LOVE Cashew!

Don't turtles live to be, like, 100 or something?!

Stacey Huston said...

Great work wit Cashew.. cute. My youngest went through several years of really wanting a turtle. I think we made it through it, but I'm not going to bring it up lol

Colleen said...

Oh Cash, you've come so far.

Kartek said...

It's been a real learn experience attempting to foster Cashew. It'll be real bittersweet to release her into the wild.