Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I had a typical day of multiple sites. I could post some awful pics I took of flowering red maples , but this video that I found is far more entertaining. Spring is definitely here with a ton of trees and shrubs sprouting. The birds are going crazy and I called in a bunch of birds real close using the sure fire psssst noise. It's a slight variation for getting the attention of your pet cat or people for that matter....just pucker your lips more. I swear it's the universal "Hey you" animal noise and calls birds in for some reason. I find it most effective in dense cedar woodlands where the birds have to come in close to check you out. I can practically reach and grab a chickadee they came in so close. In order to enjoy this video, you must have sound. Enjoy.


Stacey Huston said...

Great video. I usually don't play video's that I find on sites, but for some reason I did play this one, and I am glad... LOL Funky town.! I also use teh psst noise. lol get some pretty strange looks from larger game at times..

Jules said...

Very cute.

Colleen said...

And I thought my bird feeder was fun to watch.