Friday, April 25, 2008


We have this site in New York that is so big and owned by such a large company that there are ATVs that we can use there. I am one of last of my group to be at this site. I suspect because people probably think that I'd drive the ATV too fast....well not yet. There aren't any helmets but we really should have some...especially for the boys! I've never been on one before and here's my very brief training sesh in the parking lot. There's no power steering and you control the gas using your thumb. Your thumb sure starts to hurt after awhile because you continuously have to press down. I only nearly ran off the trail once...but that was in the beginning. My coworker was less than impressed with my granny pace but I felt like I was riding a tractor on steroids...complete with uncontrolled anger and aggression. Any moment I could hit a bump and be launched off it. It was also difficult to adjust to not to panic at water hazards, large rocks, and really uneven terrain. It'll take awhile to get over driving at a tilted angle. But I survived and I'd like to think I was going at the perfect speed by the end....meanwhile my coworker was doing donuts at the all turns way ahead of me and even nearly rolled the ATV.


Stacey Huston said...

You did good. Looks like a pretty big machine for just starting out. My teenager hates it, that we set rules on how fast he can go on out 4 wheeler.. so far he can't take it out of 3rd gear, His brain just can't seem to keep up if he goes any faster. LOL

Colleen said...

I used to love mowing our lawn on the ride-on mower in fifth gear. Thought I was really hauling ass, but this looks way more xtremo.

Lioux said...


They had Xtreme ATV dates on Bret Michaels®™©™ Rock Of Love®™©™ this season.

Jules said...

Me and husband took a tour through Aruba on ATVs during our honeymoon. You can ride them on the street there. And through crazy rough terrain up mountains too. Very kick ass. I really enjoyed it. (pics on myspace)