Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beaver and donkette

I got to go back to the big site with the awesome lake and beavers. I'll need another day out there as well. Thankfully most of the work is done though. It still was a lot of walking and the day didn't start out great. First the directions told me to get off at an exit that didn't exist. So I took the next exit and thought I could fumble my way through the backroads to the site (which was the way we came the first day). The scenic tour as my father would call it. Problem was that the street names didn't match my road map. I ended up going around in a giant circle, ran over a squirrel (it was insane and ran between my front and back tires), and was like 15 minutes late to meeting a co-worker and the surveyor. But I eventually made it and the day began.

I found another beaver lodge (see above pic). This one appeared to be occupied because once I approached it there was a lot of activity in the water. Look at this cool beaver unintentional art. It's like a palm tree. I should cut it down and sell it.

What I was really excited about was seeing the baby donkey. I don't know who the daddy is because there were no adult dark colored donkeys. The donkeys, pony, and mini horses were all very polite. There was no biting or other bad behavior even when I was completely surrounded. I must have took like 10 pictures of the baby donkey. None really came out well since the bugs were causing it to itch and contort into uncute photos.

This little mini hourse is called the General. They say the General is semi retarded and should have never been able to walk. See his weird leg. But it looks like the General is living the high life and spends his time generally annoying his companions but sniffing their butts and stuff. He's also covered in grass.
The vanilla colored mini horse is the General's mom. She's pretty.
Nevermind all the above fun distractions, the wetlands on the site are nice....which is rare. I could waste days there just looking for turtles and other critters.


Stacey Huston said...

I read the title wondering, now what in the world is a Donkette... lol now I know how cute. that tree photo is so unique and wonderful.. thanks for sharing.

Lioux said...


The General is soooo cute!

I'll see you tomorrow, Kartek!

Colleen said...

that was...wait for it...ri-donk-ulous.

Jules said...

is that baby donkey sniffing poop? He's SO cute. I love the ponies too. And sweet little General--how did he get covered in grass? Did he roll in it?

Kartek said...

Not sure what the donkette is sniffing. I was too focused on getting a good shot of it. In all due respect, all the animals were covered in hay/grass...the General just had a bit more.