Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A sweet surprise

I came home from work today and was checking on my plants on the deck when I spotted this silent lurker. I had seen a doe and a fawn a couple nights before so I can only assume it's the same fawn. I gave the fawn some perils of wisdom like look both ways before crossing any street. But I guess it was too much for it and when I turned my back it scampered deeper into the bushes. I resisted the temptation to get a closer look on the ground and left the little one to relax in this hot and steamy afternoon.

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Small Fry Crafts said...

Adorable! How cute, and a nice story compared to what happened in the Ghetto of Oakland a few weeks ago...Oakland Police shot a ROUND of bullets--6 to 8 bullets-- into a baby deer that was in someone's backyard while children looked on. They justified it saying they were not equipped to handle animals. WTF. I hate this town.