Sunday, July 11, 2010


That's my excuse for not posting in over a month. It's been too hot and humid for my liking. I've been plagued by bug bites. Mind you I still see the visual remains of a deer fly bite over a month old. It seems we've hit by heat wave after heat wave, which caused me to officially say that summer is my least favorite season. It's not a popular stance, but I'll take ole man winter any day.
After the busy and crazy spring, I did manage a mini vacation up to Vermont. That's most of my pics on this post. Our drive up was in a 48 degree night and our day drive back to NJ topped 100 degrees. It was even getting hot for VT. I had to pack for every weather condition. I always enjoy the summer VT trips were we have campfires and the weather is pleasant. This year the bugs seemed to be on full attack but I came prepared with my spray. Last summer I found the neighbors' dog on our driveway and this year was no different. Kayla showed up at our door one evening and I'm beginning to think her owners somewhat neglect her. Apparently they sent her on the porch because she was shedding too much. Next year I'll try to have hang out a little longer and get some attention that she deserves.
In the beginning of June, I received my fifth painted turtle hatchling. Hazelnut 2 is its name. I've even got some members of my office using my names. Hazelnut 1 was caught and immediately released...hence Hazelnut 2. Hazelnut 2 was immediately different. It ate a worm...when my other turtlets were afraid. When I pulled Hazelnut 2 out of it's travel container (where it ate the worm), there was some debris on the side of its head. I tried to remove it and Hazelnut 2 repeatedly tried to bite me. I've never had that happen before. Hazelnut 2 is a pig of an eater and eats like 20 pellets as compared to like 5 pellets of the previous turtlets. Surprise surprise Hazelnut 2 tried to bite me again when I measured it, but has since calmed down. Yesterday morning it even swam to the center of the tank with its head out of the water when I getting ready to feed it. That's a first. I think of all the turtlets I've raised, Hazelnut 2 has the best chance of survial to adulthood. In the meantime, I'll keep fattening it up until fall when it'll get its freedom.

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