Friday, July 20, 2007

I hurt the ozone layer today

I hurt the ozone layer yesterday. One of the hoses on my VW Golf's A/C went kaputt. Each time I turned on the A/C it looked like I had a smoke machine under the hood. The fumes were horrible and it gave me such a headache. I managed to get home and even when shut off, you could hear the freon escaping like crazy. Pretty scary. Thank goodness it wasn't the compressor because that would have cost me way too much to fix it. Mind you I was just in the shop to get an oil change on monday. I hope next week is better.

All this went down the same time Manhattan was having it's own steam debacle. It looked Manhattan was being transformed into Yellowstone National Park. All this just reinforces that you have to be ready for anything at any time.


Colleen said...

Glad yr OK. Shame on the Leprechaun! I don't think I'm going to bring Wolfgang all the way there after your last two reports about their service & fees.

Kartek said...

I finally met the leprauchen. Although his hair is not as red as I was hoping. I think the lep means well. He did give me a used part which saved me like $50. And he's given me a break in charges before. Although next time I might just have to swap my golf for one of the cute punch buggies he's got.