Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nature's free laundry pre-wash

Late afternoon at work, the heavens opened up and dumped buckets of rain. Usually these storms are quick but this one lasted at least 30 minutes. Streams and lakes were created in the parking lot. So I waited until it was mostly over before venturing umbrella-less to my car. All went well for the drive home. Then I needed to stop to pick up a few things at the supermarket. Fatal error. The heavens opened again but I had my umbrella. I made it into the store ok. The storm carried on for at least 20 minutes. Then it was time to leave. Umbrella-less people were congregating in front of the store under the overhang. But I knew it could be awhile. I made it to the car and got my pants wet halfway up my calf since the parking lot was a lake. Then came the predicament of shoving groceries and purse in the car and attempting to close the umbrella during a deluge. Pants are now wet up to the knees. I knew my next battle was checking the mail. I decided to park my car in the garage and venture grocery and purse-less to the mailbox. I got my 2 pieces of crap in the mail and went back to the garage to gather my belongings. My pants are now wet up past the knee. I now see the gutters are past capacity and it's Niagara Falls at my steps. Then I make it to safety. Unfortunately, my pants are now completely soaked. Well at least I'm home. Hope everyone else managed to avoid this doubleshot.


lioux said...


My commute home yesterday was the worst. It was pouring and I had NO visibility.

Jules said...

I love storms. I was thankful to be home for yesterday's though. Our road was completely flooded within five minutes.

Anonymous said...

That same night, I was about to go out (for the first time all day, since I have a mangled foot) and we were waiting at the front door for the rain to let up. I was finally like, "Okay, let's go" and at that very second, lightning struck in the street right in front of the door. Needless to say, I was like, "It's an OMEN!" and we ordered pizza and watched movies at home.